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We bring in our highly trained tech team to work under the bonnet of your infrastructure and work with the best partners to fulfil your transformation project.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Give your customers and staff the network they deserve - this is one of our core principles. Your network, no matter the business size, is the single most important element in the delivery of your digital strategy. Having a well-designed, scalable and agile network delivery infrastructure, aligned to industry best-practice will create the best experience for your customers. 

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Moving your on-premises technology into the cloud can seem a mammoth task with so many questions to answer before you even begin. We will help you choose which programmes to move, which to keep on premises and which to get rid of completely. Careful planning and tracking is vital to keep your technology and business requirements aligned whilst achieving a positive ROI for your board. 

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Application Profiling Services

Managing the release of new and updated applications upon your infrastructure can be both challenging and fraught with risk if the profiling of that application has not been carried out. Application profiling for productivity, performance, security, compliance and end-user experience is paramount for successful deployment. Applications today have many dependencies and their complexity can hinder realising the benefits on release, migration and operation. Intergence application profiling services assures customers that applications are ‘fit-for-release’ on their infrastructure. 

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Staging and Testing

Solution Staging and Testing Services

Intergence offers its facilities based at its headquarters in Cambridge for full pre-staging and testing of designed solutions. Staging and testing services allow our customers to preview the solution in operation and optimise the delivery to ensure rapid deployment and operational onboarding. This minimises on-site downtime when deployment commences, and risk reduction of unforeseen technology issues. 

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

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