The below cards give an example of some of Stratiam's many features. To truly experience these yourself, please get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

Stratiam Opereational Intelligence Just Got Smarter
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Connected APIs

We've done the hard work connecting to your favourite data sources, so you don't have to. Need something custom? We can do that too.

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Modelled Data

Our experts break data down to simple building blocks, ready to join together and create insights.

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Visual Insights

We design highly visual data reporting so it's easy to understand and act accordingly.

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Fresh Data

Stale data is about as useful as stale biscuits. We set automatic triggers to refresh your feeds as often as needed and reduce data latency.

Stratiam Sla

Monitored SLAs

Got a business critical SLA? We can provide performance monitoring and alerts to help ensure SLA criteria are achieved.

Stratiam Compliance

Full Compliance

We constantly monitor compliance across our tools to prevent violations. Our staff are fully trained and vetted for your peace of mind.

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Mobile Alerting

Need warning when you're out and about or even waking up? We've got it covered with SMS and phone call alerts.

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Machine Learning

Find out what's likely to happen soon and remain a step ahead when we set up predictive analytics on your data.

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Data export

Need to get at the raw figures? Stratiam allows you to export the underlying data with ease so you can do your own analysis (or for bedtime reading).

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Need Help?

Full phone and email support is available during office hours, with the option to upgrade to out of hours support as needed.

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Our cloud based SaaS approach means you'll receive the latest features and updates as soon as they are released.

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Our place or yours? We'll deliver tailor made workshops to help get you set up and train your staff.

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