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The benefits of Intergence Managed Desktop Services

Intergence’s Managed Desktop is a flexible service with options including Managed Desktop, Enterprise Managed Desktop and Enterprise Managed Virtual Desktop. Our solutions can include everything from break/fix maintenance, tightly managed desktop polices and configurations, through to hosted virtual desktop. Intergence can tightly manage desktop policies and configurations, use leading management tools to automate application delivery, management and license compliance. Providing you with key operational and administrative desktop deployments and service desk operations to your teams.

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We will help you set out a desktop roadmap ranging from Windows migration planning to application and desktop virtualisation. All businesses need the time and space to plan for their future – yet the resources required for the day-to-day delivery of high quality IT services mean that’s often impractical. Take the pressure off your internal team and pass it to us.

Have your IT estate fully managed whilst reducing costs: from supply, through moves and changes, to eventual disposal. We will continually ensure that the integrity and health of your desktop estate is maintained through routine patch management and upgrade deployment. Enjoy all the features of our customised ‘Gold Build’ with automatic software updates that protect and maintain your desktop.

Flexible working teams of today need to be able to access IT support at any time of the day be it during the week or weekend. With that in mind, we can provide your team 24/7 365 support at the touch of a button. The level of support depends on your needs and can be turned up or down depending on business requirements. We have you covered!

Our other managed services:

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Network Infrastructure

Network Security

VoIP Services

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