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All our projects start by getting to know your customers, your business and the goals you would like to achieve. At Intergence we believe insights aren’t gained from sitting behind a desk, only by walking the floor of your business and spending time with your customers and teams. We want to see the value you are creating as well as any problems first-hand and build a shared plan of action, which delivers real results and return.

Walking In Your Customers Shoes

Walk in your customer's shoes

All digital projects should start by knowing your customers and the experiences you are trying to create. At Intergence we believe the only way this can be achieved is by spending time out in the field walking in your customers shoes. We use a practical set of tools and techniques customised to the experiences you want to change, but usually involve mapping journeys, measuring activities, observing behaviours and talking to both customers and staff.

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Think Strategically

Think strategically

Digital projects are driven by strategy shaped by the insights you have of your customers. Successful strategies will help your business become more unique and competitive by transforming the way your business delivers value to your end customers. Our Strategic Discovery will help you simplify and structure your digital ideas and align them to your business and corporate goals. Discoveries are relatively short and can be carried out over a few weeks depending on the scope of your project.

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Focus On Outcomes

Focus on outcomes

Too often digital projects focus on the technology rather than the results you are trying to achieve. At Intergence we help turn your ideas into a reality by finding, extracting and realising the value from your investments in new technology. We support you through all stages of your project, from identifying benefits, KPI’s and targets, through to realisation, providing you with full transparency as benefits are being achieved, bringing clarity, pace and predictability to delivery.

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Key Assessments for valuable insights

Infrastructure Assessments

You wouldn't start a house project without checking the foundations first? An infrastructure assessment does just that for you before you dive head long into a digital transformation project.

We will check your Infrastructure's suitability for:

  • SD-WAN
  • Application migration
  • Security
  • and much more

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Security Assessments

Ensuring your network is safe and secure is vital for your business and customers. A security breach can cost you thousands if not millions of pounds to rectify.

We will do a full audit of your current security systems and provide insights into:

  • Firewall suitability
  • End point security control
  • Darknet activity
  • Visibility of USB devices connected

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Stratiam Insights

Through the assessment process we will provide you with real-time actionable insights using our transformation platform Stratiam. We believe forearmed is forewarned giving you and your team the knowledge to make key decisions about your business.

We will report on:

  • Infrastructure health
  • Security incidents
  • Application performance
  • and much more

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"They are more like a partner than a supplier, They’re knowledgeable, flexible and we have an excellent relationship with them." -
Sam Wright, Tendring District Council

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