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Intergence Consulting

Our team of IT consultants have successfully delivered digital transformation projects for many businesses through all stages from developing digital strategy, executing it, to making it stick.

Agile Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital technology can transform the way your business operates whilst delivering value to your customers and ROI for your board. However, it requires a fundamental change in culture, mindset and approach to challenge the status quo and adopt new practices, which are often still being defined.

Our simple, proven approach; founded upon the values and principles of agile and business improvement, will increase the speed and success of your digital initiatives and ensure you achieve the maximum benefit and return from your investments.

Most importantly we will leave in place the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help you transform the way you deliver value to your customers on a continuous and sustainable basis. 

Network Infrastructure

Assurance and Remediation

We are a highly specialised team of IT infrastructure experts renowned for extinguishing and securely reinstating IT services that have been the subject of serious cyber based attacks, or severe catastrophic failure. The calm in the digital storm, we will work with you to keep your business running during this stressful time. Helping you put your disaster recovery project into action by finding out the root cause, impact on your business and getting you up and running again as soon as possible. 

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful." - John Maeda

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Digital Transformation eBook

Digital Transformation Guiding Principles

An e-book on how to build the basic framework for successful digital transformation programme


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Cloud Strategy and Implementation

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