Smart Tiles


SMARTiles™ give a rolled-up performance state of our entire infrastructure, organisation or organisation(s) in a single view. Sometimes called the single pane of glass.

We can navigate using our SMARTiles™ into the organisation of interest by clicking on it, and any corresponding sub-layers beneath these. When at a data-source SmartTile level we can reverse the tile to switch from its KPIs on the front of the tile to the underlying trends on the reverse. We can then click on overview to go back to the overview level view, or organisation to see our top-level organisation view.

SMARTiles™ are coloured based on the state of the supporting services beneath them. So for this example our ACME Org, which is coloured amber has a warning signal beneath it and our Cambridge University example, which is coloured red for danger, has a danger signal beneath it. If we now click on the Cambridge Uni test example we can view the danger warnings and the amber warnings.

If we then click again we can see the warnings by college and department. Then click further into colleges to see the warnings by individual colleges. We click on the Clare College example and we can then see the danger warnings making this up. In this example we’re going to drill down through Clare College > Cyber Security and then > Breach.

A further click and we are presented with a data-dashboard which can be further explored to find our alerts. In this example case the alert is coming from a ‘common passwords’ issue. That can then be drilled into to find users causing this alert.

So from a complex and very high level organisation structure view. It is possible to drill all the way down to an issue on an individual’s device.

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