"Stratiam is the easiest way to view your entire IT Infrastructure"

Stratiam is a data transformation and visualization platform which sits on top of your existing IT infrastructure.

With a thorough understanding of all the complex relationships between multiple SaaS platforms, we will blend your data to give you a valuable combined insight into your infrastructure and business state.

It means you no longer have to log into 30+ platforms to build up the picture of what is happening with your data.

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API Connections

Stratiam maintains an ever-growing library of API connectors.
Which means the hard work, lifting both historical and live data from your SaaS applications, has already been done for you.
Contact us for details on our current library of API connectors.

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Data Modelling

Joining disparate datasets usually requires complex ELT, since data residing in different databases will often be stored in inconsistent formats. We invest a huge amount of time un-packing these datasets so meaningful relationships can be uncovered.

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In order to surface valid signals from our data sources and combined data-models we build handy charts, graphs and dashboards conforming to data-visualisation best practices.
These can be further customised for your brand.

There are many ways Stratiam can surface insights. Here are just a few.

Stratiam Compliance Policy

Compliance & Policy

The GDPR compliance law came into force in May 2018, which shot demands for GDPR and other compliance tracking straight to the forefront. We've example views of how compliance and violations can be closely monitored within Stratiam. These can be viewed at a single policy level or via a multi-policy scorecard view. On interaction with the compliance dashboard on any non-compliance issues, the issue can be expanded to uncover the resolution pathway.

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Stratiam Cyber Security Tiles

Cyber Security

We've built a multitude of dashboards related to Cyber Security at both a service level and for rolled-up/aggregated views. Our Cyber Security views can either be accessed directly or by drilling down from our smart tiles view. Typical tiles for further and related drill paths include Endpoint, Firewalls & MFA. We've taken a 'teal', 'amber' and 'red' colour-scheme to represent 'good', 'issues' and 'warnings' respectively. But these of course can be cusomised further to suit your requirements.

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Stratiam Incidents And Requests

Incidents & Requests

Stratiam can connect to the core technology running your incident & request tracking technology. This might be via a service-desk platform such as SaManage or a CRM-based platform (e.g. SalesForce). 

Stratiam will then surface key metrics, for example live request items, ticket volumes and other key performance indicators, e.g. mean-time-to-response (MTTR).

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Stratiam Software Installs

Software Installs

There is an ever-expanding plethora of applications we all now use to run our daily and work-place lives. In fact a typical mid-sized organisation will use over 1,000 applications across its staff members. With each generating considerable data, monitoring all these applications is challenging but something that can be done from within Stratiam.

We're currently building connectors to the major applications (e.g. Office 365) and our API library for these will continue to grow.

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Stratiam Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Stratiam can hook into your application performance monitoring (apm) or application management platforms and extract the relevant signals as to whether your application ecosystem is performing as expected.

Furthermore Stratiam can identify whether issues in running applications correspond to known and related technologies. For example devices, networks or servers.

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Stratiam Single Source Of Truth

Device Monitoring

Stratiam dashboards allow you to monitor devices or groups of devices in close to real-time. This can be especially valuable for key devices that are liable to issues, for example they might be at risk of hitting peak CPU at key times.

Stratiam has several pre-built connectors ready to ingest the data from your existing device monitoring systems (e.g. LogicMonitor), for which certain logic groups can be created ahead of any data import.

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Stratiam Business Performance

Business Performance

Business performance metrics can often relate to underlying IT infrastructure issues. For example if there are core problems with your network this can take the website offline, which they’ll be a corresponding cost hit on web visits or worse online-sales. Monitoring IT infrastructure performance can be done side by side with your business metrics in Stratiam.

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Stratiam Website Analytics

Website Performance

Monitoring the performance of the external website can be a key remit for IT departments since any issues in regards to how pages are served, or transactions on site, will quickly show up in website performance reports. Use this to stay on top of slow loading pages and optimise site for landing experiences that don't cause your customers to bounce off your site. This style of dashboard we've designed to take an audit style report with recommended actions.

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Intergence Insights

Smart Parking

To demonstrate Stratiam's capabilities as an operational intelligence platform, on real-time data, we mashed up some publically available data-feeds related to parking in Cambridge, our nearest city. This includes traffic congestion, parking charges, air quality, car parking capacity and available spaces.

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The best way to experience Stratiam is to sign up for a free evaluation. What type of views and data-connectivity you may opt for will largely be determined by your existing IT infrastructure. However, we've some example views to give you an idea of what types of dashboard we are able to build for you in Stratiam.

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